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Felts & Fabrics for Industry Since 1888

Offering woven wool felt and needled synthetic felt made tubular to your specifications of size, thickness, density, surface texture, porosity & temperature resistance!

Belts & Roll Covers for:

Screen Print Dryers

Textile Finishing

Transfer Printing

Carpet Polishing

Other Felts & Textiles for:

Cut Parts

Oil Wicks

Lambswool Pads

Vibration Pads




Sander Felts

Felt Strips

Lapping Cloth

Decating Cloth

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Innovative Solutions For Your Industry

 Edward H. Best Co. produces high performance felted tubular products for industry using the latest technology. Seamless Felt Technology is well suited for liquid filtration, air filtration, wicking, padding, roll cover applications, glass and metal manufacturing and applications where braided tubing is used.

Seamless & Tubular Woven Wool Products

The uniform surface provides better performance in roll covers, filtration and most other tube applications. Shrinking features and flexibility provides ease of installation and accurate fit for complex shapes as well as endless lengths, variable diameters and wall thickness. Fiber blends can be designed to support your applications, including high temp, absorption and abrasion resistance.

 Established in 1901, our technology started out as a part of the bustling Knox Woolen Mill in Camden Maine, harnessing the power of water-driven machinery along the Megunticook River. Today, under new ownership, we're expanding our product line into high performance materials like Kevlar and Nomex and oxidized PAN.

John Karp and David Erb, the new owners of Edward H. Best Co. bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, revitalizing a historic textile enterprise and positioning it for future success.

136 Years of Innovation

136 Years of Innovation

Felts & Fabrics for Industry

Est. 1888

A Bright Future

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